Wednesday, August 26, 2009

When we went to Washington D.C. we left Dempsey at a "pet hotel" for the three days we were going to be gone. I was really nervous about this, but then I figured it was for only 2 nights and then we would be home. I called everyday on him and they said he was good, nervous, shy and a little growly, but doing okay. The pet hotel closed at 7 p.m. so I had Darin race home, so he wouldn't have to stay another night and I got a bucket of chicken to spoil him with and then I told him he had to have a bath...this is where I found him. Hiding underneath the computer table hoping I would not find him.
(what a BABY!) He thinks he is so smart! Ha ha.

Washington D.C.

We decided that since Darin starts school on Tuesday that we would take a little family vacation. We invited our neighbors the Henrie's and packed up the car and we were off. It is only four hours from here, so it was not a bad drive at all. The first day we spent the day at Arlington. Wow... That was unbelievable, no words could describe the feelings in that cemetery. On our tour bus they told us that they have on average 27 funerals a day there. Day two we went to all the war memorials. We spent a lot of time at the World War II Memorial; I think just because we were more familiar with that one and that being the one that both our grampies fought in. We went to the Tomb of the Unmarked soldiers. That was really cool how they do the exchange, so respectful. Then we went to a couple of the Smithsonian Museums. That took up our whole day. There is soooo much to see in those places and then on day three I said to everyone that we didn't get to see the Iwo Jima Monument, so we took the metro to Arlington and went and saw that statue. That was my favorite thing we saw. Then we went to the Holocaust Museum. That was my least favorite thing we did; just because the pit I had in my stomach the WHOLE time we were in there. I cannot even imagine going through what those people did. I tell you what after this trip I've learned a few things:
1. I am very thankful for my freedom.
2. I am very thankful for my freedom.
3. I am very thankful for my freedom.

We had a great time. It was really hot and we walked a lot, but it was fun do go and visit Washington D.C. There is so much to see, you could spend a month there and still not see everything. It was neat to learn and pay our respects to all the men and women and their families that fought for all of us!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rain, rain and...a little more rain.

I don't know if you can tell very well from this pic, but it is CRAZY weather out here. We will just be sitting there and all of a sudden rain like you've never seen it. I took this from our deck hence it was bright and sunny all day and then it rained for about 30 mins (down poured) and then it was hot and sunny again. I guess i'll be buying an umbrella in the near future!

Twin Lakes

Darin was getting a little stir-crazy the other day, so we decided to pack a picnic and go to Twin Lakes. It's a walking trail out here about 30 minutes from our house. It was so pretty. Out here everything is so green. Of course we weren't there only but maybe 1 minute before we made the mad dash to the pavilion before the monsoon rain came down, but we lived to tell about it. You can tell by my hair-do that I am totally in love with the humidity out here!!! Colter got to feed the ducks and play on the toys surrounding the lakes. We also saw a baby turtle; Colt thought that was pretty cool.

We saw this sign when we first got there and we got a big kick out of it. Only in Pennsylvania.
This is a pic I took, I was under the pavilion after it had just rained and look how freaking pretty, it almost doesn't look real.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Clampets are back again!

Lets just say Darin and I are up to our old tricks!!! Our families are the only ones who will understand this. HA HA HA. This would be one of the thousand reasons why when we are finished with school that a truck will be one of our FIRST purchases.
Our carpet in our townhouse is so light, so we wanted to get a couple of big rugs to cover where we are going to be most and giant rugs are so expensive, so we went to Home Depot and got an "enormous" carpet remnant. Let's just say that I am SO glad that we were not in Utah when we were driving home with this blasted thing on the top of our explorer.

These are just a couple of pictures of us on our way from Utah to PA. We didn't stop to site see very much since it was a long trip, but a few stops we did make were fun. First Colter loved the big yellow moving truck, so we let him ride in it for a couple of hours. He DID NOT want to give it back to Penske when we were done.

We stopped in Nebraska and had lunch at this World War II Veterans Memorial. WOW, that was humbling. I don't know if it had anything to do with my G-pa Joker, but when we were there, my heart was just so filled. I am so thankful for the men and women who fought for our country.
Colter loved this. We got to go inside an actual railroad car. He thought it was so cool that he got to turn the wheel and be the driver. We also went to Winter Quarters where the pioneers settled in Omaha. They had a statue that hit me like a ton of was a mother and a father huddled in a blanket getting ready to bury there child who did not survive the winter. I looked at it and instant tears were in my eyes. I could not even imagine. I would have taken pictures, but having a three year old in this kind of a place that was extremely tired of being in the car, I forgot, but it still was for the most part an enjoyable place to visit.

The weekend before we left my dad took the boys "sishin". They absolutely loved it! Dad gave them matching red fishing hats and took them to the fish farm in North Ogden. They each caught four fish and were so excited about it. Colter waited all summer to go with papa fishing. Thanks for taking them papa "yee" they loved it so much!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We are here! Ooh what a crazy few weeks!!! We have been so busy putting stuff away. So my first impression of PA is very green with tons of rolling hills, humid, HATE the toll roads, and where we live there is not very much shopping, but in Greensburg about 10-15 minutes away there is tons, so after we ventured out and I found a close shopping plaza, I am much more happy (other than we have to pay $0.95 each way on the toll road to get there). Darin's parents just left today, so I haven't had time to get very home sick yet. but i'm sure in a few days it will suck. I just want everyone to know how much we love them and how thankful we are for the support. We weren't even here one day before we got cute cards in the mail and funny little "trolls" Amy Troy know what I mean! So thank you and we love everyone.