Tuesday, July 21, 2009

6 Days Left

We are on the count down...6 days until we leave for Pennsylvania. Oh boy are we in a mess, boxes here and boxes there. Its amazing all the crap you accumulate over the years. We leave on Monday and we'll get there Friday afternoon. It should be a very interesting ride with a 100 lb. dog and a three year old. I've been buying little trinkets here and there and I stayed up late the other night wrapping them and then I thought I would let Colter unwrap them every few hours on the trip. (Hopefully keep him somewhat excited about being in the car for 30 hours and 5 days straight). Anyways I just thought I'd let ALL of our family and friends know how much we are going to miss them. We had a hard time saying goodbye to all of you the other night at the party, thank you for coming and showing us your support! We love you all so much and are looking forward to the new adventure for our family, but we are also looking forward to being finished with school and the return!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tour of Italy!

All of us girls met last Monday before Darin & I leave for PA. We met in the afternoon and took our kids to the water park. It was broken, so we ended up just letting them play on the playground for a while. It was so hot, but it was fun to let our little one's play together, then we took the kids home and we went to dinner at Olive garden, it was fun to actually have an "all" adult dinner for once. It was so much fun to get together and talk about the old days! I just want all my girly friends to know how much I love them and are so thankful for them. All of you have been such great examples to me and I am just so glad that we are still so close. Thanks for everything, and we'll keep in touch!