Monday, June 22, 2009


We were in Ogden and Colter and Jack were full of it!!! I can't believe the energy these kids have. They went 100 mph the WHOLE time we were there. This picture was funny, we were getting in the car to leave and Colter says to Jack, "Let's smooch" and Jack goes "okay" and they planted one on each other. It was so funny; to bad I didn't the actual kiss, but I got a cute picture of these great buds!
Colter holding up Papa's fish. Colter thought the fish were so cool. Last year he would not even go near one, but this year he can't wait to catch a "shish".

Friday, June 19, 2009

Jeannette Townhouse

FINALLY!!! After a lot of miles, money, gas, phone calls, appointments, sweat, A LOT OF TEARS, fights about the dog and frustration. We found it. We will be living in this townhouse for the next year at least. Darin needed to leave Greensburg at 3:00 today to make his flight in time and we finally signed the application to this place at about 1:30. Let's just say...wait until the last minute! Darin has been in Pennsylvania since Tuesday and has had the hardest, most stressful time finding us a place to live that would except the dog. I found this one this morning and made some calls and walla. This is the one! THANK YOU hunny for all the HARD and TIME CONSUMING work, but thank you so much for going out there and doing this by yourself and especially thank you for making some sacrifices for me to keep Demps. Your the BEST and I LOVE YOU TONS!!! OXOXO

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Darin just left for Pennsylvania to find us a house. We took him to the airport at 5:00 this morning. We had a stressful day yesterday trying to get everything ready for his trip and with the car breaking down it was crazy, but Darin is going to be out there on his 27th Birthday alone, so I just wanted to tell ya babe we LOVE you and thank you for being such a great Dad and hubby. Your the best and we hope you have a good Birthday! Be safe and careful, we'll see ya on Friday!

We went to Ogden for the Air Show. Colter absolutely loved the air planes. The whole gang was there. We barb-qed and then went over and watched the show. It actually was a better show in my parents backyard the day before, but it is AMAZING to see those guys fly up there. Nothing makes you feel more patriotic then that. It was awesome! This is one of my all-time favorite pics. These are a couple of my two favorite guys in the world and Colt actually put on a smile for the camera. "Papa Yee" & Colt.
Watching the Thunder birds.


We went camping in Oak City this weekend. We had alot of fun! We have been very busy between both sides of our family. One weekend there, one weekend there. We are enjoying every second of it. We got some rain, but it wasn't too bad. The kids love to camp. They can be dirty, and run around all day, they love it. It was fun to have all the Bloomfields there. Colt & Kenli on the wheelers, we could not get these guys off of them, they LOVE them. We made the mistake of leaving the keys in them and lets just say we won't do that again!!!

Our family pic (nice what a couple of days camping does for ya)

Playing in the river.

Colter & Kenli with their uncle Jesse.

Kenli, Max & Colter.

Hogle Zoo

We went to the zoo with Amy and Troy and their family. It was so fun. The kids had a blast. It was Colter's first time ever going. The girls are going to spend the summer with their mom, so we tried getting a few fun things in before they leave. Colter loved seeing all the different animals, but his favorite thing was the train. We only went on it once, but everytime it went by he would run up to it and wave to everyone.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I bought Colter a new train at the store and it didn't come with batteries, so I had to run back to the store to get some, so we were cruzin along and baaarrrffff!!! Yep you guessed it, Colt puked a gigantic amount on the store's floor. It was EMBARRASSING! I couldn't find anyone anywhere to help me and this was not just a little amount that the hand full of wipes you carry in your purse can take care of. I was frantically trying to wipe it up and I saw a store phone and called for help and they didn't come forever, so I'm waiting there with puke all over Colter's face and on my leg and hands. It was nasty. Finally we got it all cleaned up and I raced to my car hoping we would make it home for the next spew. Well needless to say Colter came home puked a few more times and then slept like a baby, me on the other hand not so much I was up every two hours spewing my guts out! flu-shmu. Anyway we are all feeling better and are ready for the big camping trip this weekend.