Friday, January 29, 2010

It's Official...

Its official...IT'S A GIRL!!!
I think I've been a little hesitant to announce we were having a baby, since all that happened last time, but at 25 weeks, so far we are going strong! We are excited to say that we found out today that it was a girl. We did find out the hardest way possible, but it all turned out okay. I woke up at 6:00 and I didn't feel the greatest and by 7:00 Darin was driving me to the emergency room. I ended up having a few kidney stones and if you have never experienced them you are LUCKY!!! They are AWFUL!!! I would much rather have 10 kids than have anymore of those, well not maybe 10, but 2. Ha ha. They did an ultrasound on my kidneys and we told the lady that if she could peek and see the sex we wouldn't mind, (since we've had 2 ultrasounds and she hasn't wanted to spill the beans) so the nice lady took an extra minute and said "I'm 90% sure it a girl!" We are so excited! Anyone who knows me knows how organized and how prepared I try to be, so being this far along and not exactly knowing has killed me. Anyways I am happy that I am home and that this day is over and hopefully I never have another morning like this in my life.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our Vacation

Then the last few days we went back up to my Mom and Dad's. We went sledding with all the kids and toasted in the new year! All in all, the trip to Utah was Wonderful! We miss it there so much. We miss our families so much!!! We were so excited to get to see everyone and get to spend so much time with them. We enjoyed every minute of it. I just want to say how blessed we are to have such awesome families on both sides. Our families are truly our best friends. Thank you to the mom's and dad's that spoiled us so much and let us come trash their houses for those few weeks! We love ya tons!

The 3rd week we were in Utah we spent with the Bloomfields. It was so great to see everyone and get to spend time with them. We had our Christmas party there where we frosted sugar cookies, opened presents, the kids acted out the Nativity, and we did white elephant gifts, which by the way were hilarious this year! and the "ugly" sweater contest, i must admit no one's sweaters were very attractive! Ha ha. The kids got to play together all week and they loved it. We took the kids shooting and they loved it. Colt likes the more quiet guns, where Kenli could care less as long as she gets to shoot, she doesn't care! They are so funny!

The girls got together at the Olive Garden for dinner and it was so fun to see everyone! It is so awesome that we are all so close still and always have things to talk about. We can talk to each other only a few times a year and always leave where we left off and when we all get together its crazy fun! I love these gals.

We had so much fun in Utah. The first week Colter and I stayed at my Mom and Dad's. We played in the snow, Colt got to see Santa, shopped, got to spend time with g-ma Joker and the Wadsworth's. We had our Christmas party and Colt and Jack got to have a sleepover, lucky for me they slept in the same room as me!!! No they were so cute. I think they told each other good night and they loved each other about a thousand times. They are the best of buds. We also got to spread the news of Colter getting to have a sister??? (at least we think)?? I get another ultrasound in March. We had a blast.

Happy 7th Anniversary!!!
Darin and I had our anniversary on December 6. We just celebrated by going to eat at a resturant called Mad Mex. Darin had school all day, so we didn't plan anything too exciting. Babe-you are the BEST! I am so thankful for you and all that you do for our family. I love you so much and can't imagine my life any other way. Happy Anniversary!