Monday, December 22, 2008

This is the only family pic we've had lately, and i felt bad that good old Dempsey wasn't in it, so I added one of his ugly mug at the bottom. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
Dempsey Dooser Bug-Lena

Sleigh Riding

Lesley and Justin came to hangout this weekend and since we were snowed in we all decided that we would take the kids sleigh riding. It was so funny! First we got on all our gear which first things first, Colter is getting a coat from my sis for Christmas, so needless to say I have not got him one and Kenli had two, So the bright pink coat Colt is wearing is not the one he will be getting for Christmas! ha ha, then Lesley didn't have any boots, so i had some from the 1980's which i would wear fishing with my dad, some rubber weird things and then Lesley had her snow pants (she is due in Feb) so lets just say her snow pants were a little snug, and by the rest of the pictures you can tell that the full body jumpsuits are totally HOT!!! It was hilarious, We had a BLAST!!!

Delta Christmas Party!

We had our Christmas party in Delta. We all had so much fun. Colter got to go see Santa, (which he actually liked him somewhat this year). The kids got to break a pinyata, we did white elephants, played B-I-N-G-O and had yummy eats! It was fun to have everyone there together.
Colter and his BEST bud Kenli. They love each other so much! Its amazing to me they act just like brother and sister and from this picture I think everyone would think they were!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Darin and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary! Well i shouldn't say celebrated...Darin is on his six night shifts in a row and our anniversary landed right smack in the middle. So anyway we "had" our anniversary. The night before we went to Darin's work party and actually got a babysitter, (the first one we've had in about a year) so that was somewhat of an pre-anniversary treat. It's crazy to think that six years has already gone by so fast. I just wanted Darin to know how much we all love him and appreciate all his hard work. He is such a great husband and I wouldn't trade him for anything! Love ya Baby! HAPPY 6TH ANNIVERSARY!!!