Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Darin has been working nights the past week and apparently he checks the blog late at night when he is at work and he came home this morning and scolded me for not keeping our blog updated, so anyway there is not much going on, its winter so we basically have been hermits. Colter and I did build a snowman yesterday and I was trying so hard to get one built; so colt would think it was cool and between colter kicking the snow every time I packed it and laughing and Dempsey gnawing on my gloves, we did not get much of a frosty built, but we did come inside and chase "monsters" with our guns and that was thrilling!!!
Today Colter did tell me that he did not like my shirt, he goes, "mom, I not like your shirt, it not cute." I laughed my you know what off and then I realized that a 2 year old was telling me that I didn't look cute today, so needless to say I got on the treadmill and scheduled a haircut this weekend. (no that had nothing to do with it) but sometimes being a mom you focus so much on your family and their needs that you forget that YOU need time for you, so anyways I'm getting an upgrade! Ha ha.
I was telling Darin the other day that I felt like nothing good has happened to our family in sometime, you know just feeling a bit down, 2008 was a tough year for me, one of the worst. We had a lot going on that was just challenging. I need to remember to be positive and thankful. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger! I was in the store and and I saw little girl that had noticeably been in a fire and was scarred on her face from it, and my heart broke, it was so sad to see her, but I am so glad that I did because I believe that sometimes you need to have a reality check and remember that someone always has it worse than you. I am really thankful for who and what I have in my life especially my hubs, and Colter. It is so amazing to watch a little person grow up. He is definitely my pride and joy, and I love both of our families so much. They are so GREAT and very special to me. It is not very often that you get along with each other like we do, my sister in-law is one of my very best friends; I feel that me, my bodaget sis, mom and g-ma Joker have such an amazing bond, that not many people get to experience in a life time. I am just so grateful for ALL of our family.
Anyway DARIN, I bet you'll never harp on me to update the blog again...Ha ha. Love Ya Babe!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Steelers Fans??? Guess so!

Well its been a month since Darin interviewed in Pennsylvania for CRNA school, and we have been antisipating the answer and today they called and said.....................................................YES!!!!
So as of now we will be moving to either Latrobe or Greensberg Pennsylvania. It is kind of bitter-sweet. We are excited to be accepted to school and really excited that we don't need to apply again, but at the same time we will miss being by our families, another good thing is the school is only 27 months long, so we will be back in no time (hopefully we can get a job in Utah when we are ready). It will also be nice to be done with school and be able to get more settled. (only a few years Les & Just, till we get our houses and rhino tram) ha ha. Anyways for the most part we are excited and I just wanted Dare to know that we are so proud of him and all his hard work he has put into this school stuff. Good Job Hubs! Love ya.