Sunday, December 13, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

Colter and I are so excited to be back in Utah. The plane ride was a little tough, who am I kidding it was AWFUL! First 0f all I am not a big fan of flying. In fact I HATE IT, but I didn't care being we were going to get to see our families. Colter was pretty busy and active. He did pretty good, but its hard to keep a three year old occupied and confined for 4 hours the first flight and another hour on the second. I tried to have a bunch of different things for him to do, but between me puking my guts out and him changing every five minutes what he wanted to do, it was crazy. I got off the plane and there my Mom was standing and it made it all worth it! I am THRILLED to be back here. I only wish Darin and Demps were with us. I can't wait for Darin to come on Saturday, but at the same time I don't want to wish my week away. All of my family met at my Mom's last night and we had dinner and visited and just seeing them all was awesome. I could not let go of my G-ma Joker and Tess loved me, it was great!
I am so thankful for our families and have always been, but being far away and not getting to see them all the time, you really treasure the relationships you have with all of them. Darin and I are really lucky to have each and everyone of you. We love you!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I took Colter to see Santa. He waited in line with the biggest smile on his face. When it was his turn he ran up to Santa and gave him a huge hug! He told Santa he wanted trucks, tractors and boxes. I told Colt that he already had trucks and tractors, and should ask for something he doesn't have and he says "well then, I want boxes and stuff!" I guess it'll be easy for us this year! Colter and I are going home for Christmas. We only have TWO more days! We are so excited. The Bloomfields came and spent Thanksgiving with us and it was great. We were so excited to have visitors our way. I seriously can't wait to be back in Utah. Close to our families and even just the Utah mountains. I however am not looking forward to the nasty plane ride with a 3 year old, but as soon as we are off the plane, it will all be worth it! Darin will be coming out a week after me. He has to stay and finish his finals...and stay with Demps so he doesn't have to be kenneled for as long. I've sat down and had a long talk with Demps telling him we had to make some serious sacrifices to even bring him with us to PA, so he needs to return the favor and be strong without his familia for 2 weeks, hopefully he listens?
We are very proud of Darin and all his hard work and dedication to school and to us. He has done really well in school this semester and we are so lucky to have him. Keep up the good work babe-and we'll see ya in the west!