Friday, October 30, 2009

These are the Missionary's Elder Brown & Elder Worthlin that come and visit us and the Henries all the time. They love Katie because she feeds them all the time and they love me because I give them free haircuts. They are really cute guys! I gave Elder Brown a haircut the other day and Elder Worthlin entertained Colter while I did the haircut and when we got finished both Colter and Elder Worthlin were sweating like crazy, Elder Worthlin's tie was hanging low and his shirt was tucked out in the back. (I think Colter gave him a minor workout.) Elder Worthlin said Colter made him his little puppy dog!!! Ha ha. I laughing as I write this I guess you just had to be there, but by the time the Elders left I think Elder Worthlin was ready for a nap. We really enjoy these guys and are proud of all the work they do.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween

Colter is a "dinosaur-dragon" for Halloween this year! Bama Pam made this cute "little" costume for him. He was so excited when he got it in the mail. He opened it up and put it right on. Being that we live clear across the world right now, she could not measure him and he is growing like a weed right now, its a little snug, but its still so cute. I tease that his little "camel-toe" if you will, is going to make him squeak like a little girl all night. Ha ha. We went to the Library for our weekly activity and he dressed up as a skunk this time and the the teacher Mrs. Janie asked each of the kids to stand up and say what they were and what they liked about their costume. Colter got up and says "I live in the woods and I'm gonna eat all the animals". It was so cute and then his little friend Braden gets up and says I'm a pirate and for all of you that have little kids right now and watch mickeys clubhouse and know the "hot dog" song, Braden starts shakin his hips and says "hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog! They are so CUTE! It is so fun to watch these kids grow and develop their own little imagination.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Last night we went to the Henrie's house to celebrate Braden's 3rd birthday! The boys a had a lot of fun. The played pin the tail on the donkey, sat on balloons to see whose would pop first, played one potato-two potato had carmel apples and cake and decorated a Halloween House. Colter's teeth and mouth were black with all the frosting he decided to down! They had frosting EVERYWHERE, all over their faces, hands and on every side of their shirts. It was funny! I didn't take my camera, but their little house was really cute! They did a good job.

Licorice Carmels

Ooh the infamous black licorice carmels with "ANUS" oil! My mom makes these every year for Halloween and since we won't be there this year I took matters into my own hands...Let's just say they look a lot better then they are. I didn't think about the difference in sea levels, so I didn't cook them long enough. The flavor was really good...but they were pretty mushy. Next year they'll be better because my mom will be sending me some. Right Mom???

Schramm Farms

We went to Schramm Farm to a pumpkin patch. It was so cute for the little kids (well us big kids too!) We went through a corn and a hay maze, Colter got to ride a pony named "Rocket". They had a gigantic pumpkin patch for the kids to pick any size pumpkin they wanted. We went to pick out our pumpkins and Colter wanted the biggest one he could find, so we ended up getting a wagon and we got a 38 lb. pumpkin. The sucker is huge!!! Then the day wasn't complete until we got hot dogs, snow cones and carmel apples. It was a fun little place!