Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's starting to look "girly" in here!
I'm so excited for our sweet little girl to get here. I can't wait to see how Colt is going to react. He is so super excited to have a sister, hopefully his excitement will still be here after she is! This is the start of her room, its really cute so far. I can't believe I only have 12 weeks left. It is going to fly. I just hope I'm not having this baby by myself. She is due May 15 and Darin's last final is May 9, so lets just say if she decides to show up early she picks a weekend!

I thought Utah's snow was bad!!!

Snow, snow, and more snow!
It has been a very crazy and cold winter here in Pa. The start of the storm started about two weeks ago and I think that I can say it is official that today is the first day in these two weeks that we haven't had any snow and that we actually have had sun all day. Wow. Darin and I shoveled about 20 inches the first day, it took us about 4 hours. Our snow blower wouldn't even work cause there was so much snow, so we had to shovel the first 12 inches and then we could snow blow it. After we were all done and way worn out...the plow came and trapped us in and we had to once again dig ourselves out! I guess I can't complain; here were over 29,000 people without power for over a week. They said this is the most snow they have gotten in like 30 years.
We got home today and Colter looks at me and says, "mom why is there water up there?" And so the winter saga continues with a leaky roof.