Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just a few pictures of Harper. It is so amazing how fast they grow. The other day I was saying "ooh, I wish I had two hands to get something done" and I stopped right in my tracks and said...."no I don't". These days are not going to last forever, so yes it may be nice to have my hands back, but I would not trade these days for anything, so for right now I am just going to sit back and treasure every moment with these two munchkins! I truly would do anything in the world for my family, I feel SO SO blessed to be a mom to these guys.

Happy Halloween

We had a fun Halloween Holiday this year. We had a primary activity, Colt had a party at school, we had a fun neighbor party and trick or treating on Halloween night. We played lots of fun games, I made these fun spiders for the kids party along with chili and home made rootbeer. Colt was a Dragon-dino... and Harp was a fairy. I tell you what there were a lot of cute butterflies, lady bugs and fairy's, but this little woman was high on the list of being one of the cutest! Thanks mom for making Colts costume so cute and warm and especially minusing the camel-... Ha ha.


Okay, I knew for 3 whole months and keeping my mouth shut was soo HARD! Lesley, Justin and the kids decided that they would make the trek to lovely Pennsylvania to surprise Darin. It was GREAT. I told Darin that I had a relief Society meeting in Cranberry (which is 1 hour away) and that he needed to watch the kids while I was gone, Little did he know i was on my way to the airport to pick these guys up. Dare's face was priceless, when they walked in. He had NO idea, I guess we are all great fibber's and liars. Ha ha. We had a ton of fun while they were here, we went to Schramm Farm, carved pumpkins, went to Mammoth Park to the big slide, The Children's Museum, Johnny Carinos, swimming, good old Applebees and we rode the the Gate Way Clipper. It was so fun to see these guys, it made us miss home so much. We love you guys, thanks for all the fun and coming all this way to see our ugly muggs!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Starting Pre-K

Colt started Pre-School at the Penn Trafford High School. He absolutely LOVES it. The first thing he says when I ask him what they did that day is always what hey had for a snack! I think its the highlight of his day. Ha ha. He gets homework once a week and you would think it was the best thing that has ever happened to him. (someday that will change). He has done really well and he absolutely loves school. We are proud of you Colt-Boy, keep up the good work.