Friday, September 18, 2009

Oh what poor Pennsylvania has done to Colter. Ha ha. We were going to the park and I told him to grab shoes and socks and this is what he came up with. (I guess we'll fit in at Walmart). I figure I don't really know to many people out here yet so why not? Ha ha.

I put Colt in the bath before bed the other night and he wanted to bathe in my tub with the jets, so I let him and of course we had to have the "Lighting McQueen" race car soap and holy crap bubbles galore. I had to take a picture of ALL the bubbles, it was crazy. Let's just say when he was done bubbles were everywhere and the floor was anything but dry!

We went out in our front yard to let Colter drive his car and Darin asked him if he wanted to drive fast? There is a little screw that you can take out of the gear shift to make it go faster. I did not know this, we've had the dang thing for over 2 years, but its a good thing that I didn't know because this thing hauled butt! Colter's face was so funny. We have a little speed racer on our hands. Needless to say Colt will not be letting us put that screw back in!Dempsey-Doo

This would be the face!