Saturday, August 30, 2008

Big Boy Bed!!!

Okay, lets just say I have been soooo excited to put Colter in a "BIG BOY BED", we have been talking about it forever, hoping it would get him excited! So, I found the perfect bedding and sheets and we started taking the crib down and man i started too feel so little man is getting so big, then I started second guessing myself, is he ready, he probably won't sleep tonight or the rest of his life in this bed, will he fall out and break his head? All this stuff started running through my head and needless to say...he LOVES it!!! He has done so awesome in it. So the moral of this story is that my two year old son was much more brave than his twenty-eight year old mom! Ha ha.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Wheeler Farms

We went to Salt Lake today to Wheeler Farms. Colter had a ball! We fed the ducky's and Colter got to ride a pony. We took Colt into the candy store and told him he could have any candy that he wanted in the "whole entire" store (thinking this would be soooo cool for him) he picked 1 dum dum sucker! He definitely is a cheap date!!! At least he got what he wanted.Mommy and Colt feeding the ducks.
Colt getting a ride on "Nibbles".

Dad & Colt hanging out with the ducks!

Welcome Home Madison & Hannah!!!

We went to Logan to Becky and Don's house last weekend for Hannah & Madison's homecoming, we also celebrated Hannah's eighth b-day. We went swimming, had a Barb-Q, and some awesome homeade rootbeer. We had so much fun! Amy, Jack, Colter, me, and Hannah playing in the pool!

Papa Lee holding Tessie Tyler.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thanks dad for the socks from Alaska! They are really creating a fashion statment!

We Spent the day in Park City. Colter had a BLAST! His favorite part was riding the "whorsey." He loves animals. They only had one man handling all three kid rides, so all the kids had to take turns riding on the rides. One of the rides only carried two kids at a time and Colter was not about to leave until he had a ride on EVERY single ride, so Colter and cousin Hailee got to ride the space ship together while all the other kids waited. A little embarrassing, but he was Happy!

Camping Adventures

We spent the last week camping at Strawberry Reservoir. It was so much fun. We ALL got to ride in "Edger" our new boat from "Grandpa Maisy & Grandpa Lee". We loved it. We couldn't get Colter and Kenli off the the wheelers and when we finally did they kept their helmets on the rest of the day! The boys went fishing almost everyday that we were there; its AMAZING that our little boat did not sink with all the (will just say...very buff (fat) men in it. Ha,ha. We enjoyed getting away and spending time with our family!

Monday, August 11, 2008

We Just got back from having our 10 year class reunion...Ooh what fun! I just wanted to say that honestly I was a little nervous about it, but I lived to tell about it. I was glad that I remembered most people and I had a blast seeing all of you. It was fun talking about all those crazy memories, and boy i have no idea what we were thinking about back in those days, but anyways it was fun to see all of our friends and I am so glad that we all stayed close and that we keep in touch. GO LAKERS!!!