Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ooh, we can't forget Dempsey...He's a big help as well. Ha ha. No, we enjoy him. He and Colter have a love/hate realtionship. Most of the time their fun to watch play together.

We've had a fun summer so far, haven't been home much, gone to O-town tons of times, but when were home Darin & Colt get alot done. Colter is a BIG help!
Colter is Two and full of it, he is hard to get to sit still for the camera, but i snaged him and he's a cutie!!!
Colter's "BEST" friend with benefits!!!
Colt and his cousin Kenli sharing a smooch for the camera.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Colter is two now and he STILL is a handfull, but we would not trade him for anything he loves getting into all my stuff and posing for the camera. Dempsey is also very camera friendly!!!

We have been having so much fun playing outside and enjoying the hot summer! Both Colter and Dempsey are so glad to have a nice big backyard to play in.

We are new at this blog stuff, so we'll see how this works...