Tuesday, October 28, 2008


We started the day by making Halloween cookies and then we carved pumpkins. We thought Colter would love to carve the pumpkins and he did pretty good, but he'd stick his hand in the opening and pull it out real fast and say "gross". Those of you that know Colter it's not a surprise that he didn't enjoy being dirty. I think this year Darin and I had more fun carving them then Colter. We were all into it and trying to have the best one out of eachother. (by the way mine is better!!!) No actually they are both kind of cute and i'm proud of Darin going along with the idea and being a good sport.

I bet you can't tell who carved which pumpkin??? Ha ha.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Grandpa Joker

In Loving Memory...
I just wanted to pay a little tribute to David Paul Ridge, my Grandpa Joker. He past away yesterday October 9, 2008. He was one of the BEST men I have ever known. He was so kind, sensitive, and gentle. I feel so blessed to have been his grand daughter. I am so thankful to my parents for always involving us in our grandparents life. I have a unique story that probably does not happen to many, but when my parents got married and introduced the going to be in-laws to each other, they became BEST friends; so when holidays rolled around or events it wasn't about which grandparents house we were going to be at, wherever we were each grandparent was there, they would always go to lunch and do their shopping together every Friday. They had a forever friendship!
Some of the things i remember most about my Grandpa Joker is knowing he was in World War II, He didn't get to meet his first born until she was two, he got hit by a bull dozer and broke every bone in his body, the long drawn-out history talks, he could tell you where every road, lake, cave, and mountain was or where it had been, the tilted hat (just a titch), his penny jar, all the pocket knifes, the yo-ho-ho's at the softball games, the "red" pepper at cactus reds, his blue eyes that he past down to Colter, who could forget all the publisher clearing house paraphernalia, and the love he shared for all of us and grandma. I will never forget visiting him these past few weeks and the tabernacle book he desperately wanted to read with me and showing me some of the places he and grandma had been and me telling him "that when he married her it was the best decision he had ever made" and he saying "yah i picked her didn't I". The love between them was nothing but true love.
I am so thankful for the relationship i have shared with my grandparents, i truly believe they are my angels!!!
I Love you Grandpa, and will miss you everyday.
Love you the mostest!!! Janey