Thursday, January 8, 2009

Uh-Ooh Cavity...

Today we took Colter to the dentist, his 1st Check-up, He absolutely HATED it and...He had a cavity between his two front teeth, which to me was not a surprise because I had noticed it a little while ago, but it really made me feel bad as a parent to have my little two year old have a cavity. So my 1st New Year's Resolution is to take better care of ALL the familias teeth. 2nd to get Pregnant sometime between the months January and December. I'm hoping the saying "the best comes to those who wait" is true. I heard the best quote in the world the other day and it said: I believe that God only gives three answers to prayer: 1."YES"! 2."Not Yet". 3."I have something better in mind". So we'll let that be our moto this year. Last but not least I hope that my hubs gets accepted into a CRNA school in the year 2009. I've never made resolutions before, so we are going to see how this goes. Hope everyone had a happy New Year!